September 25, 2014

The History

Teach Boys And Girls Success is the inspiration of T-Bags the business which began with four teenage sisters who followed the vision of their mother and started an inspirational gift company.

Teach Boys And Girls Success, Inc was founded in 2007, and models the T-Bags business started with four at-risk teenage sisters under the supervision of their single mother Donna who hand crafted her way off of the welfare system.

Utilizing each one of the girl’s talents to keep them busy, interested, out of trouble and active in growing the business while developing their skills in the area of their interest, their mother realized if they were focused on what they like to do they would excel and succeed in life. Together the girls ultimately became experienced in business, socially and mentally developed, confident and active in the community. Today they are all now self-sufficient productive adults.

Now using the same concept TBAGS inspires families, conducts workshops and trains how to use where you currently are to move in the direct of where you are going and ultimately giving 4 steps to achieve your dreams.

Tbags Inspirational Product Line