September 25, 2014

Meet Donna

Donna Lee Reed Teach Boys And Girls Success TBAGS OrganizationDONNA LEE REED

Founder of Women Inspiring Sisters Everywhere (WISE) &             Teach Boys And Girls Success (TBAGS)                                       Author of  “Life Is A Puzzle, Until You Find the Missing Pieces!”

As a Business Coach & Strategist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Donna travels across the country reaching and teaching diverse audiences with her skills, personal story and experiences.

Ms. Reed trains, teaches and transforms individuals and organizations developing their personal skills and talents to a level of measurable success while increasing their productivity and inspiring them to reach their greatest potential.

Donna is known as a skilled professional speaker who uses her knowledge and experiences to inspire and motivate listeners from all walks of life. She addresses real-life issues with openness and honesty offering real solutions to effectively empower her audience.

To Book Ms. Reed for your next keynote speaker, training, conference or retreat.

Ms. Reed’s passion is in the field of adoption, youth entrepreneurial development and helping hurting women. Through retreats, workshops, conferences, keynotes addresses and one-on-one coaching, Ms. Reed has a very unique, compelling and humorous way of inspiring and motivating her listeners. Above all of the awards and recognition’s Ms. Reed has received she is most inspired by her relationship with God and the growth of those she motivates through her coaching and testimonies. To Book Donna for a speaking engagement, visit