September 25, 2014

LEG up on LIFE

  • Develop a Business Plan/Career path at a young age
  • Develop a Life Plan
  • Talent Development
  • Leadership & Life skills
  • Public Speaking/Presentations
  • Banking & Financial Literacy
  • Job/Interviewing Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Life Skills (cooking, finances, sewing, etc.)
  • Computer/Technical Skills
  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
  • Community Services
  • Volunteering
  • Healthy Life Choices

TBAGS collaborates with organizations, groups and churches throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg and offers an Entrepreneurial Summer Certificate Program (LEG up on LIFE) to their students during their program.

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The TBAGS participants graduate the program with the completion of a business plan and receive certificates. The youth utilize their skills and coordinate every aspect of the graduation ceremony, from the food to the entertainment; to the MC and the attire the students put to use their skills talents and experience.

TBAGS offers the three-year TBAGS Life Plan© that allows teachers, parents, mentors and the students to stay on track with age appropriate goals.

TBAGS graduates are encouraged to join the TBAGS Alumni Program.

Graduates also have the opportunity to display and pitch their business ideas at the National Family Empowerment Conference & Expo.


To sponsor or support Teach Boys and Girls Success LEG up on LIFE, TBAGS Summer Program, Out of School Programs, NFECandEXPO, the annual Gala or any aspect of the organization please contact us here.


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