Teach Boys And Girls Success, Inc. was founded in 2007, and models the family business T-Bags started with four at-risk teenage sisters guided by their single mother, Donna Lee Reed, who used her talent for making hand-crafted items to get off the welfare system. The sisters (Taneka, Takeshia, Tajuana & Tianda) began designing tote bags with two stick figures and then added inspirational sayings.   Because all of the girls’ names begin with the letter “T” and they started with tote bags, they named the business “T-Bags.”

Utilizing each one of the girls’ skills and talents to keep them busy, interested, out of trouble and active in growing the business while developing their skills in the area of their interest, their mother realized if they were focused on what they like to do they would excel and succeed in life. Together, the girls ultimately became experienced in business; socially and mentally developed; and confident and active in the community. Ms. Reed’s passion for teens in foster care and their ability to become successful comes from her being raised in foster care by one loving family that taught her that she could accomplish anything she set her mind and heart to do!

Teach Boys And Girls Success is the parent organization to The National Family Empowerment Conference and Expo, the Annual NFEC Gala, LEG up on LIFE and HOME 4Me.   #tbags  #home4me  #teens

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Teach Boys And Girls Success (TBAGS) teaches young people how to develop their skills, talents and interest to reach their personalized definition of success with an entrepreneurial emphasis. TBAGS places a strong focus on youth and teens in foster care and adoption.

TBAGS offers a variety of age appropriate programs leading youth ages 11 -21 on a career, business minded or entrepreneurial path. TBAGS integrates creative and innovative tools, activities and incentives to motivate, educate and teach youth to make wise decisions and rise above challenging circumstances such as drugs & alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, crime and gang influence.


Teach Boys And Girls Success (TBAGS) is the official recruiter of youth entrepreneurs for the NFEC